Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Half Way Crazy

I am so bad at this posting thing. It's been another month since I last wrote, but things are going beautifully, B"H. We are officially past the midway point, and everyone's feeling well we are told. I've been going through the craziest of mood swings with the whole thing. Panicked that we won't be good parents, anxious that we're not taking care of all the things that need to be taken care of. I started writing here to not only tell about our parenting adventure but the adventure of putting two gay orthodox men in the middle of one the most conservative cities in the country, and THEN have them be parents to boot. That part of the story is as nutty as you can believe. I'm going to, on the advice of our dearest friend Arna, let Steve put the whole thing into a book. It's a story of rejection, of outsiders upsetting the status quo, of know-it-all big city guys who think the rest of the world should be like New York. And thankfully because of the Arna, Bobby and the rest of the extended Fisher and Poupko clans, of true friendship.

So I've taken care of few particulars that need to be done. Talked to a lawyer to start the ball rolling so that we can sign a joint custody agreement, basically legally making us both parents. They don't have second parent adoption in Ohio, as a matter of fact, Ohio is one of the few states that have actually passed a law making second parent same gender adoption illegal. But joint custody is how everyone is going around it. And we need to set up estate planning stuff, etc. Soon we have to start sort of setting up what'll be the nursery. We're also trying to figure out what to do about the name of the child. Saddling it with Greenberg-Goldstein just seems cruel. Goldberg? We thought we could change our names to a commone one for all three of us, but then Steve and I would have the exact same name, so that idea was abandoned. Anyway... Here are a set of the latest ultrasounds. Can't believe we're this close!