Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Details

Ok, we've been asked for details so here they are. First off, I think the black blog template one was starting to look too severe so I've changed it out to this one. More welcoming? So our adventure. I'm sure everyone wants to hear the baby adventure more than the Cincinnati adventure first so here it is. We had a first try, as you know, back in October, but the pregnancy didn't take so we had to go back to the beginning. Luckily, we had left enough, ahem, genetic material in India, so we chose a new egg donor and a new surrogate and started again in February. We waited so long for many reasons. First and foremost, on the advice from the great folks at Rotunda, to use a proven donor that we liked. We really thought this would be our second and final attempt at this, so we went with someone that came highly recommended. Secondly, a November birth (God willing) fits in the school schedule much better than a September or October birth. So here we are, planning on a birth for which I have to take off the least amount of days. We're at Rotunda with a EDD between November 19 and the 24. We have a singleton, and all looks good, though we had a bit of a scare with a large subchorionic hematoma, something it seems most IVF pregnancies carry. Our surrogate's clot is fairly large and shrinking only slowly, but she's no longer in the hospital, as they feel all's stable. We are still a bit in shock, haven't yet swung into full baby stuff buying gear yet, but also excited at the same time. So that's the story. I'm just starting to get back into the blogosphere so that I can make plans with other intended parents that will be in Mumbai at the same time as us. I think that will make it all seem even that much more real. There are many stories to tell about Cincinnati, and I will get those out as well. Just know that Mark Twain was truly brilliant when he made the comment about the place, "When the world ends, I want to be in Cincinnati, because everything happens there 10 years after it happens anywhere else."

And here's the first baby pic.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Word's Out

So, to anyone who is reading this, we can finally put the word out.

It seems, beyond all reason and possibly better judgement, that we are going to be, B"H, parents. What a completely awesome thought in all the meanings of that word. Wonderful, exciting, terrifying, awe-inducing. So here we go.

There is obviously much to catch up on from last September till now. The adventure here in Ohio has been, if not fascinating, at least comical at times. I will fill in soon. To Doug, who asked where we were, you were prescient as that was just as things were under way. More soon.

The Goldstein