Sunday, May 9, 2010

Word's Out

So, to anyone who is reading this, we can finally put the word out.

It seems, beyond all reason and possibly better judgement, that we are going to be, B"H, parents. What a completely awesome thought in all the meanings of that word. Wonderful, exciting, terrifying, awe-inducing. So here we go.

There is obviously much to catch up on from last September till now. The adventure here in Ohio has been, if not fascinating, at least comical at times. I will fill in soon. To Doug, who asked where we were, you were prescient as that was just as things were under way. More soon.

The Goldstein


  1. You are totally teasing us. I just want the details -- where? with who...198 days and counting. So happy for you guys. Yippeeee!!!

    Oh, and I must add "clairvoyant" to my resume. So happy for you guys!

  2. Welcome back. Details?


  3. Yes, Doug, add it on. I see you with a little shop doing $5 palm readings. I promise to add details later.