Sunday, August 9, 2009


So I've been having dreams. They mostly follow like this: I'm going to meet my friend Noa and I get off the subway and am in an area of NY I have never seen before. None of the streets are at right angles like they should be, there is a big parking lot near by, but not even a paved one, just dirt and gravel. I keep saying, "I have no idea where I am. Where is this? This doesn't make sense." I keep telling Noa to hold on, I can't continue talking until I figure out where I am. I ask someone where Broadway is and they point, but I look and it's not there.

A couch for this one is superfluous.

Some friends of my common Hebraic persuasion have reminded me of the tradition of not talking about babies and such, so as not to bring the Ayin Harah (Evil Eye), and they're absolutely right. We plan on holding on to that tradition, like not bringing baby stuff into the house until the baby is home and safe. (Maybe we'll bring the stuff into the garage. Oh my God. I'm going to have a garage.) And of course I don't really want this to be such a public thing. It's just that blogs were so helpful for us as we made our way through the planning of India, and I want to be available for the next couples as they plot their way. So I guess what I'm saying is there will be posts about India and such, and God willing about progress later on, but don't expect a lot of news about the baby until much later. Like you don't ask a lady if she's pregnant. Don't ask us. We'll tell you when there's info. But as for the all the other stuff that's going on, be ready for minute details. And here's a little something to ward of the Ayin Harah in the meantime. It's designed by Mike and Mike, another geminously named couple who have twin girls (No, the girls aren't named the same. Don't be silly.) and are designers. If you like it, you can buy it from their site, The Spawn of Mike and Mike. We own one ourselves.

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