Sunday, December 5, 2010

What You've All Been Waiting For

We have so many stories to fill you in on.  A great (East) Indian Thanksgiving Dinner, communing with a fish tank, our fantastic flight in business, everything here in New York, friends from Cincinnati that could miraculously be here with us.  But in the minute I have this morning here's what you've been waiting for:

Let her be called among her people--Amalia Devora Chen bat Baruch Chaim v'haRav Simcha Yonatan.
Amalia means the Work of God, and Amal is also Hope in Urdu
Devora is for my father, Dov Ber, and my maternal grandmother Dorthy
Chen means Grace, and is for Steve's great grandmother Chana, and also for the fact that she was named on Chanuka, and born between Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, and our Chag Urim, Festival of Lights.

Her name in English is Amalia Greenberg Goldstein, aka Amalia Gigi.

More later.  (For the Hebraically challenged, Chen is pronounces with "ch" like in Loch, not like in Church.)
With Love-
Steven, Steve, and Amalia


  1. Lovely name! Amalia is also the lead in She Loves Me, one of my very favorite musicals. The role was originated on Broadway, in 1963, by a newcomer named Barbara Cook! WELCOME HOME new family!

  2. Bruchah ha-ba'ah, Amalia! We look forward to meeting you whenever your Dads decide to venture west to Chicago. The pack-n-play awaits you. Welcome to your family, your very extended community, and the Jewish people!

  3. Amalia Hayakira,
    Brucha ha ba-a, v'mazel tov al avotech. This little one, may she be great and grow to be an honor to her dads, our people and all humanity. May we all rejoice in her many milestones together. We can't wait to see you and hope that I will be allowed the privilege of babysitting.
    Much love to the GG family,
    Dodah Annie and Dod Rick

  4. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Mazel tov, daddies!

  5. Mazal Tov baby Amalia! We wish you & your dads only simchas & brachas and lots of good nights sleep!
    Julie & Paul Datnow

  6. What a wonderful, meaningful name. Bring on the photos! ;-) -D

  7. Simply beautiful in every way. She telech michayil el chayil!

  8. More.....More Pictures. I can't get enough of litte
    Amalia Chen...


    Aunt Sandy

  9. Wow, what beautiful photos! I can't wait to meet you, Miss Amalia Gigi.. Love, Aunt Lori