Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick word

More to come tomorrow...but we're about to get on the flight home!!!
We have many more stories and pics to show.  Will do soon.


  1. YAAAYYYY!!!!!!

  2. I think you are almost home in good old USA!!!!
    Hope you all are doing well.
    Look forward to hearing about all the adventures.....
    Love you all,'

  3. Oh My I am missing you so much on this Saturday morning in NY! I hope you have the most joyous of Shabbats and Chanukahs and I send lots of love to all the family. Hello Barb, Alan, Felice, Harold, Zee, all the cousins who will be there and the family I haven't met yet. I wish I could be in NY with you al right now!!! Many many wonderful days in NY and travel safe back to OH. OH just got a lot better .... love ans kisses and extreme happiness .... Oh Gigi the anticipation of knowing you is making me gidy all the days. love Aunt Julie