Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Citizen Gigi

Yesterday we had our consular visit and it all went off without a hitch.  No DNA requirement, all documents in order, a hearty congratulations from the very nice officer, a raising of the right hand and an "I swear," and she's a recognized citizen born abroad.  We'll go back to get the passport on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, and then off to the FRRO to get her an exit visa, and away we go.  The whole process is running much more smoothly than we had anticipated, which is great.  She continues to amaze us.  I can't stop kissing her.  Am I going to be one of those parents?  Probably.  We do have moments, Steve and I, where we look at each other and say, "Oh my God, she is going to say all the time, 'Dads, stop it.  You're embarrassing me!'"  We just can't help it.

From the Greenberg.  Other adventures:  We are coming to feel really comfortable here in Mumbai.  Apart from the easy kosher food (pure veg) we often feel that we are among our people.  On the way back from the consulate, we happpened upon a joyous festival with lots of men in beards in head coverings, big posters of a white bearded holy man who died but is still alive somehow and others depicting a white stone temple.  We hung out in the crowd for a bit and were told that our kippot were not quick large enough and that we would need to get a proper, more frum, head covering were we to stay.  But they were totally gentle and non-judgmental about it.   Actually, no this is not a Lubavitcher fabrengin but a Sikh celebration of the birthday of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.

Goldstein back:  We also stopped at the clinic, Rotunda, to drop off a note and some extra cash for the surrogate, as a way of saying thanks, and to pick up the blessing that Steve asked for.  Everyone cooed appropriately, we took some pictures both with Goral Gandhi, the lab director, and Dr. Soumya Ramesh, the doctor in charge of all IVF stuff.  Of, course, in the waiting room, were lots of other couples just starting the process, filled with excitement and trepidation.  We did get the blessing.  It was simple, and written out in Urdu:  May Allah grant her every wish.

On another funny note, we had dinner at the main restaurant over at the Renaissance Hotel, which is attached to these corporate apartments.  It is one of the swankiest places we've been in.  The whole place smells good, like the best spa you can imagine.  Better than the Aveda store.  Anyway, the restaurant, which of course has a strict vegetarian option, cooked in a separate part of the kitchen, is staffed by the most beautiful young men and women you can imagine.  Actually, the few women are sort of greeters and all the wait staff are men.  But everyone is dressed in these beautiful northern Indian costumes, long gold paisley tunics with pants and pointy shoes for the men.  Gold dresses and brocade shoes for the women.  They are celebrating Lucknow month, so all northern food.  I'm sure they had basically a casting call for beautiful people when they went to staff the place.  The food actually was just fine, but the ambiance was phenomenal.  Some more pics!!


  1. So happy things are running smoothly. I remember Goral being so incredibly nice during our process at Rotunda. If you see her again please say we said hello. Good luck with everything else and hopefully you'll be home soon!

  2. Claire here in Rochester with my mom. We are both admiring how beautiful the baby is, and how relaxed and happy you both look! Enjoy India. We're looking forward to seeing you all soon in Cincinnati.


  3. Beautiful is an understatement. So happy things are moving along smoothly. Can't wait to get my hands on her. Looking so forward to seeing all of you next weekend at the naming. I will be there with bells on and tons of kisses to smother her with. When do yo think you will be back in the states? Let me know. Love you all, Happy trails.
    "Auntie Barbara"

  4. Hail, Citizen Gigi!! We are delighted that the logistics are going so smoothly and we hope that the rest proceeds as easily.
    I was so very moved by Gigi's mother's blessing. What a generous soul.
    So much to be thankful for this year! And yes, you are going to be dads like that, and no, she probably won't say out loud to stop embarrassing her: she'll probably just roll here eyes. Trust me on this one.
    Guru Nanak bears a passing resemblance to one Menachem Mendel Schneerson! Separated at birth?
    A happy hodo, a guten shabbas, and we can't wait to see you back here where it is suddenly rainy and cold. But not in our hearts.
    Much love,
    Annie and Rick

  5. Gigi has become like a drug, I can't get enough of her!

  6. יומ הודו שמח
    So much to be thankful for today! Be sure to share the name asap for those of us who can't join you in NY. Hope the rest of the bureaucratic hurdles are passed as easily... Call again if you need anything, I'm around most of the weekend!

  7. 6 years ago Felice's mom was nicknamed GiGi. Thant was for great grandma. That became her name until she passed away last year at 91, just in time for the creation of the new Gigi. We are already in love with her.
    Felice and Alan

  8. Mazel Tov! She is so absolutely beautiful (and someone is an incredible baby photographer to boot!). Thanks for sharing these incredible moments. You both look serene and happy. Enjoy Gigi!

  9. Yow! What a shaine meidelah! Lots of nachas un mazal and I hope to meet her in January (yes, and visit with you two, as well).

  10. glad the potentially annoying paperwork process is going well.
    if we dont speak again soon, have a great trip "home" (does nyc still count as home?) :) and know that we will be with you in our spirits on shabbat at the baby naming...
    appropriate presents are already on their way to your cincinnati home...