Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big News

We're at the Prince of Wales Museum and I receive a text from Dr. Ramesh:  Call Now!
Our surrogate was admitted to the hospital this evening, birth will probably be tomorrow.
Will fill in details and pix soon.
Here we go...


  1. Hurry and call or txt or something. I am waiting hear going bonkers. Hope you are having an easy delivery HAHAHAHAHAHA :)
    Love you both.
    Cousin B

  2. Just breathe deeply. We are waiting with baited breath.

  3. Yay! Hope you can have a little quiet and mindful moment together. Sending all our love, Claire, SE, Asher and Noam

  4. B'shaah tovah!!! Wishing you joy, wonder, and some sleep.
    Annie and Rick

  5. yay, yay, yay. we are thinking of you and sending you love.
    d, m, o, and m