Thursday, November 11, 2010

Enter, Stage Right

So at 11:34 PM, on November 11, 2010, there was born to Steve and Steve a baby girl.  Close to 8 lbs, all healthy.  They came and woke us up at 2AM and took us in to see her for about 10 minutes.  We'll go down to see her again in about 2 hours.  We are amazed and speechless, and excited beyond belief.
Love to all our friends.  We can't wait to bring her home.
Steven and Steve
(Pix to follow.  Internet is really bad in the hospital.)


  1. great news! Congratulations dads!
    Ula and Saul

  2. We are amazed and speechless, and excited beyond belief here in Cinci, too! Hurry home - we can't wait to meet your daughter! Love to all THREE of you! Cynthia and Bob.

  3. Mazal Tov to the proud fathers!

    Dear Baby: Welcome to the world. We are overjoyed at your arrival and we can't wait to meet you!

    Claire and Erik

    P.S. Steven and Steve, I'm so glad to hear you chose the tranquil and lovely Chalet + Garden set up for your first weeks as a family of three. Sending all love C

  4. Congrats guys!!!! We can not wait to meet your little lady!!!

  5. !!!מזל טוב I'm so excited I can't sleep, even here in NYC. Want to see some pics. All the GLYDSA & JQY guys are a-buzz with the news from Mumbai! love&hugs - danielito

  6. Viva la GIRLS! Congrats and buckle up for the best days of your life!
    Chosen NAME?????
    Best wishes.

  7. Girls Rule!!! And you're about to find that out, big time!! MAZEL TOV!! Mazel to tov to the avot and mazel tov to her on her avot.
    Shabbat shalom and much love,
    Annie and Rick

  8. We are all anxiously awaiting pictures.. I keep refreshing but no pictures!! Sam says you should name her Sarah, because it's a pretty name and it sounds sort of Indian. But he says it's okay if you choose another name. xo, Aunt Lori

  9. Mazal tov!! Can't wait to see pictures and soon to meet her in person. Only good things. Love from Yasha, Eden, and their parents

  10. Congratulations Daddies! Now, name, and pictures, and complain to the hospital about the internet. They'll send up the IT guy. But, be forewarned, if it's the same guy, he knows virtually nothing about Macs.

  11. This is tremendous news. I can't wait to welcome the three of you home to our neighborhood.

    Mazal tov,

  12. I had a feeling she would be a girl! Mazal tov and welcome! Such wonderful news!

  13. So excited for you guys. Your news put a big smile on my face. Congratulations!

  14. Brucha Haba'a to this precious child!!! We cannot wait to meet her! Mazal Tov Dads - You have crossed the threshold!!!! Shabbat Shalom, We Love You 3, the K-D gang

  15. Mazal tov to Abbas Steve and Steve! All of us at Keshet are so thrilled for you!

  16. :-)))))))))

    With huge love and best wishes. We miss you, we hope you're well, and we look forward to seeing the three of you in due course!!

    Liz & Nige xxxxxxxx

  17. Nigel just sent the board the link to this blog. What a fabulous undertaking! Mazel tov on the birth of your daughter! I can't wait to meet her at the next Hazon event.

    Best wishes,
    Sasha Lansky

  18. Wishing you much mazal and blessing with this precious little girl in your lives. So happy for you!
    Love Clare Goldwater and Jeremy Bandler

  19. A huge mazel tov to you guys and your little queen. This is beyond exciting. Baer can't wait to give her a big kiss! And either can we ...
    Love ariel, david, baer

  20. What a lucky, lucky little girl. A major mazel tov to you all...

  21. Congratulations guys!!! Pics, pics ,pics : 0 ) What is her name?

  22. I just can't stop looking at this little angle!!!!..
    Steve, I don't know if you remember, but I named
    Grandma, long ago Grandma GG. I think it was when
    Michael was born, not to confuse Grandma & your Mom.
    So I called Grandma, Grandma GG!!! It sure has caught on....What a adorable head of dark hair, I guess that comes from India... or from ME...Who knows??Love, Hugs and Kisses Aunt Sandy