Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 Rooms 6 Days

Ok, a quick post before I head off to bed.  I neglected to mention that I have been fulfilling my ethnic obligation and have had us move, I kid you not, into 4 different rooms at the last hotel over 3 nights, and here we've changed roms once since we moved in last Thursday.  You know, the regular complaints.  Mold, dampness, fumes, noise.  But we know have a great and fairly quiet room with a lake view.

Just wanted to say that we head off to the US Consulate first thing in the morning to interview for a US Citizen Birth Abroad certification and a passport.  So think good thoughts.



  1. Hope this is the room you're in until you all come HOME! Sending prayers for a smooth experience of bureaucracy on Monday... The pix are delicious, keep 'em coming. Much to be thankful for this week, eh?


  2. there is nothing yummier than that behind the ear/neck spot

  3. your photos need no captions. so happy for you guys! keep 'em coming...good luck with the new room.

  4. I think India has gotten its fair share of nakhes from this beautiful infant girl. Clifton Heights is awaiting its share!

  5. Just back from three days in Atlanta and it's so good to see that lovely lady. Hope all went well and that you'll be winging your way home soon.
    Much love,
    Annie and Rick